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Bottle-Feeding Aversion Program

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What People Are Saying:

I honestly cannot recommend this program enough! I suspect my daughter has had a bottle aversion so roughly 2.5-3 months, she is now 6.5 months, and it got to the point where she would cry as soon as I put her in a feeding position or if she saw the bottle. Once starting this program I saw improvements within 3 days, although I should point out that the first 2 days were really hard! Fast forward 6 weeks and my daughter is a different baby, she absolutely loves her feeds now and takes great volumes, she's also being weaning onto solids and is enjoying that too... I'm one very happy mama! Also, check out the facebook page for support :)


One of my identical twin boys started fussing a lot during feedings and through my digging I found Rowena’s program and used her advice to remove stressors from his feedings and now he fusses only if I accidentally do something that he perceives as feeding pressure and I immediately stop! His aversion was mild compared to many of the stories on the program. The program corrected a lot of our bad habits and made our feedings much more pleasant. We also found that both boys like to be fed more on their sides; we never would have thought position mattered so much. Highly recommend!


I have never left a review but was compelled! Following an illness my 4 month old developed a bottle feeding aversion, she displayed all the typical signs. What I hadn't realised was that I had also used all the distraction/coercion techniques also listed in the program to encourage her to drink more throughout the duration of her illness to ensure she didn't become dehydrated. I am on day 3 of following her plan and feeding has markedly increased - almost back to pre-illness. Gives you the confidence to trust your baby's feeding instincts and to listen less to people that say your baby must drink a certain amount per day!


This program saved our household when we weren't getting any practical advice from our pediatrician or specialists. It characterized our daughter exactly, and gave us a program to resolve her feeding aversion. It was hard, but worked in about 2 weeks. I cant believe that there is so little information available on this topic, but this program was all we ultimately needed. Im so thankful this resource existed - it helped us avoid the threat of an NG tube.