Concerned about your baby’s bottle-feeding practices?
Unsure of what behaviour is normal versus abnormal?
Aversion free but worried about a relapse?

Baby Bottle-Feeding Behaviors

Typical vs Aversion

70 minutes

We are excited present the first instalment in the BCA Webinar series, Baby Bottle-Feeding Behaviors, created by Rowena Bennett and presented by BCA consultant Lindsay Wark. In this webinar, we explore a range of behaviours which baby may display while bottle-feeding and what to do about them, such as:

  • Fake sucking
  • Pulling the bottle in and out
  • Sitting up during feeds
  • Playing with the bottle
  • Fidgeting
  • Distraction
  • Fingers in the mouth
  • Burping, pooping and farting
  • Conflicted behavior
  • Acceptance signs
  • Rejection signs

We guide you through typical and developmental baby behaviors, and contrast these with behaviors seen during a bottle-feeding aversion. Learn how to manage difficult behaviors and encourage a positive, harmonious feeding practice between baby and bottle.

Explore and understand other reasons behind challenging feeding behaviors and low milk intake.

Take the guess work out of feeding time and regain your confidence when it comes to understanding baby’s cues!

Recommended to be used in conjunction with either 'Your Baby's Bottle-Feeding Aversion', bottle-feeding consultation or the online bottle-feeding aversion program. Designed for parents coming out of aversion or aversion free to help navigate potential challenges of bottle-feeding.